Some of the lingity – the Ahmazing A’s

– Ahmazing A Terms –

A/B Testing: The practice of showing a user one version (A) or another (B) and tracking the behavior based on which version the user saw. The (A) version is usually the existing design and (B) is the challenger, with one copy or design element changed.

Abandonment: When a user leaves a shopping cart with an item in it prior to completing the transaction.

Above the Fold: Portion of a webpage;  normally the top part that is visible once a page has loaded. The term comes from the newspaper industry and refers to the area of the front page that is visible when the newspaper is folded in half.

Ad Copywriting: The writing of text specifically for a paid campaign ad. Good ad copywriting can have a positive effect on the click through rate of an ad.

Advertiser (also Merchant or Retailer): Any website that markets and sells goods or services. In affiliate marketing programs, advertisers contract with affiliates to get consumers to register for services, purchase products, fill out forms or visit websites.

AdSense: An advertising program run by Google enabling website owners to display text and image advertisements. Revenue is generated on a pay-per-click basis. Google uses its search technology to serve ads based on website content and users geographical location.

AdWords: Google™ text-based advertising system. It is a cost-per-click (CPC) advertising and publishers pay only when users click on their ad. It has cost control features that can set daily budget and limits.

Ad Inventory: The number of page views a site has available for advertising.

Affiliate: A website owner that earns a commission for referring clicks, leads or sales to a merchant.

Affiliate Agreement: Terms between a merchant and an affiliate that govern their relationship.

Affiliate Fraud: Bogus activity generated by an affiliate in an attempt to generate illegitimate, unearned revenue.

Affiliate Information Page: A page or pages on a website that explains the details of an affiliate program.

Affiliate Link: A piece of code residing in a graphic image or piece of text that is placed on an affiliate’s webpage, notifying the merchant that an affiliate should be credited for the customer or visitor sent to their website.

Affiliate Manager: The manager responsible for overseeing the marketing of a merchant’s program including forecasts and budgets, as well as and communicating with affiliates regularly, establishing incentives and monitoring industry news and trends.

Affiliate Management Agency (also Outsource Affiliate Agency): An agency that manages programs on behalf of a merchant for a nominal fee or performance percentage. It handles the recruitment, activation and management of new affiliates, provides creative and runs promotions.

Affiliate Marketing: An agreement between two sites in which the affiliate agrees to feature content or an ad designed to drive traffic to another site. In return, the affiliate earns a commission for referring clicks, leads or sales to a merchant.

Affiliate Network: An intermediary between an affiliate and merchant. For merchants, it offers tracking technology, reporting tools, payment processing and access to affiliates. For affiliates, it offers one-click application to merchants, reporting tools and payment aggregation.

Affiliate Program (also Associate, Partner, Referral or Revenue Sharing Program): A plan where a merchant pays a commission to an affiliate for generating clicks, leads or sales from a graphic or text link located on the affiliate’s site.

Affiliate Program Directory: A list of affiliate programs that features information such as the commission rate, number of affiliates and affiliate solution provider. Associate-It, and Refer-it are among the largest affiliate program directories.

Affiliate Recruiting: The act of seeking and enrolling a person, company or organization to become a partner in sales for a program.

Affiliate Software: Software that enables merchants to start an in-house affiliate program without joining a network.

Affiliate Solution Provider: A company that provides the network, software and services needed to create and track an affiliate program.

Algorithm: A set of mathematical equations or rules that a search engine uses to rank the content contained within its index in response to a particular search query.

Analytics: Technology that helps to analyze the performance of a website or online marketing campaign.

Application Service Provider (ASP): An online network that is accessible through the Internet instead of through the installation of software. It is quickly integrated with other websites and the services are easily implemented and scalable.

Arbitrage: A practice through which Web publishers use second tier search engines, directories and vertical search engines to engage in the buying and reselling of Web traffic.

Associate: A synonym for affiliate.

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX): A programming language that allows for the updating of specific sections of content on a webpage, without completely reloading the page.

Auto-Approve: An affiliate application approval process where all applicants are automatically approved for an affiliate program.

Auto-Responder: An email feature that automatically sends an email message to anyone who sends it a message.

Thanks Performance Marketing Association 🙂

Loving up all the A’s I can get today!

– LReg


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