Believin’ the lingity of the B’s

– Believin’ B’s –

Backlinks (Also Inbound Links): All the links that point at a particular webpage.

Banner Ad: An electronic ad in the form of a graphical image that is available in many sizes and resides on a webpage. Banner ad space is sold to advertisers to earn revenue for the website.

Banner Exchange: A network where participating sites display banner ads in exchange for credits to display banner ads on other sites in the network. The amount of credits earned is a factor of how many banners are displayed on a site and the exchange rate.

Banner Farm: A webpage, usually on a free Web host site, that consists of pay-per-view banner ads or banners linked to affiliate programs. It is considered to be a practice that affiliates should avoid.

Behavioral Targeting: The practice of targeting and serving ads to groups of users who exhibit similarities in their location, gender or age, and how they act and react in their online environment.

Benchmark Report: A report used to mark where a website falls on a search engine’s results page for a list of keywords. Subsequent search engine position reports are compared to that.

Bid: The maximum amount of money that an advertiser is willing to pay each time a searcher clicks on an ad. Bid prices can vary widely depending on competition from other advertisers and keyword popularity.

Bid Management Software: Software that manages PPC campaigns automatically, called either rules based (with triggering rules or conditions set by the advertiser) or intelligent software (enacting real-time adjustments based on tracked conversions and competitor actions).

Blog: An online chronological journal that can be updated regularly. By utilizing easy-to-use software, users with little or no technical background can maintain a blog.

Blogosphere or Blogsphere: The current state of all information available on blogs and/or the subculture of those who create and use blogs.

Bookmark: A stored location on the Web for quick retrieval. Web browsers provide bookmarks containing the addresses of favorite sites.

Brand Name Bidding Policy: The bidding policies that merchants have to display to ensure transparency for affiliates.

Browser: A software application that enables a user to display and interact with text, images, videos and other information typically located on a webpage at a website on the Web or a local area network.

Browser Helper Object: A DLL module designed as a plug-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser to provide added functionality. Some modules enable the display of different file formats not ordinarily interpretable by the browser.

Thanks again Performance Marketing Association!

Bringing the B’s home for din din tonight.

– LReg


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