What should you Tweet?

I came across an article titled, “10 Things You Should Tweet.” It’s all about Twitter and business etiquette. We all know that there is no one formula for success, but the author, Jon Gelberg, suggests the following 10 things:

1. The “I found this amazing article I think you’d love” tweet:

Kinda what I’m doing right now… Plug to articles that would be interesting to your audience.

2. The “there are human beings behind our brand name” tweet:

Is your company real? Show pictures of your employees, events, etc. No ghosts allowed here.

3. The “twitter-only promotion” tweet:

Provide a promotion or special deal only to your Twitter followers – I LOVE me some deals – what about you?

4. The “promote our favorite charity” tweet:

Tweet about the great things you are doing with a local/national charity or pick a random one and promote it with a tweet!

5. The “we’re listening to you” tweet:

Pay attn to what your followers are saying about you (retweets, replies, etc.) and respond. Sometimes you can catch things that would have caused you PR problems if you left them and of course anytime you can keep a positive conversation going – heyo! Always good!

6. The “sharing our great content” tweet:

So if you are an expert or (say you are) and you want to share some words of knowledge/wisdom about a topic – Shout it from the mountaintops! …or tweet it. It’s up to you.

7. The “we’re proud as hell” tweet:

If you were super awesome and won some special award, don’t hold it in… that’s not good for you. Share it!

8. The “we found this to be hilarious and hope you do as well” tweet:

I like how Jon said this, so I’ll direct quote him, “While Twitter is a fantastic place to do business, the  compelling thing about it is that it’s not all business. If visitors think you are just trying to sell them all the time, they will unfollow you or, worse, complain about you on Twitter. There’s a lot of funny content on the Web, whether it’s on YouTube, in The Onion, or on any number of humor sites. Sharing humor with your target audience (via links) not only humanizes your company, it gives your followers a reason to seek you out.” Word Jon!

9. The “we are on top of industry trends” tweet:

If you are leading in the industry or have some cool breakthrough to share, provide links to studies, trends, whitepapers, exciting news… It is great content and shows that you are seriously on top of the ball!

10. The “none of the above” tweet:

Try to find the best way Twitter will work for you and your business. No one size fits all here. Ask your employees and friends how they use Twitter and how effective it is for them. Try out some different things and when you find something that sticks – repeat – but remember to keep trying new approaches – things tend to change over time – at least that’s what my mom always told me. 🙂

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