Mobile marketing on steroids

Today I watched a mobile marketing webcast on steroids – well maybe not – but it’s a beast. The webcast was hosted by Rob Thurner @ the Mobile Training Academy.

Some tidbits I found really interesting are

  • Mobile is beginning to overtake TV, it has been shown to be actually 4.4x more effective than TV in driving sales for a recent multi-media campaign in the UK. Similar trends in the US;
  • 51% of mobile browsers use search
  • Mobile search has increased not 100, not 200, but 500% in the last 2 years!
  • 70% of Google mobile search is location based and apps/mobile adverts that utilize this information have much higher conversion rates
  • 17% of people have changed their minds about buying a product while in store based on a quick online price comparison on their mobile device. People are willing to wait 24-48 hours to receive an item if they can find it cheaper online. It is interesting to me that we have now passed the time where we were uncomfortable to use the internet even to buy items to trusting the mobile device.

Some other things I found valuable was that Rob highlighted HTML 5 as a web language that allows normal mobile browsing sites (such as your homepage) to be viewed as they would be viewed in an app. He used an example,, which is the Financial Times. They apparently got rid of their app and instead just drive all traffic to this page via the shell of the app. I have been developing a mobile app for quite some time – imagine if you could take advantage of the app format with just a website and a submission to the app store (save a few things). It is amazing if you ask me.

Well either way it seems like the industry is really moving this way and I think I’ll jump on this bandwagon!

One last tidbit of knowledge from Rob – mobile is still new and it is a very iterative process (what a big smancy fancy word) – so when it comes to mobile marketing – test, measure, learn, adapt – repeat. The end.

If you would like to feel it out for yourself – Mobile Marketing Webcast

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