The Lingity of the Eggciting E’s

– Eggciting E’s –

Email Link: An affiliate link to a merchant site in an email newsletter, signature or a dedicated email blast.

Email List (Also Opt-in List): A list of the email addresses of customers who have asked to be contacted by email.

Email Marketing: The promotion of products or services via electronic mail.

Email Signature (Also Sig File): The signature option allows for a brief message to be imbedded at the end of every email that a person sends.

Embedded Commerce: A type of service provider that allows content websites to build online stores. Some service providers offer ecommerce services in which the customer places an order right on the content website.

Earnings Per Hundred Clicks (EPC): Earnings or average pay out per hundred clicks

Earning per Thousand Impressions (EPM): Earnings or average pay out per thousand impressions.

Eighty Twenty Rule: A rule of thumb that dictates that typically eighty percent of the products sold in a product category will be consumed by twenty percent of the customers.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): The transfer of money from one account to another by computer.

Electronic Software Distribution (ESD): A system for selling products, such as software over a network or the Internet. ESD systems provide secure ways for customers to download and purchase software.

Escalating Commission (Also Sliding Scale): A compensation system based on an increase in the money paid to an affiliate. It is a percentage commission that increases based on the achievement of certain targets, such as specific number of copies sold.

eZine: The short term for an electronic magazine that can be electronic versions of existing print magazines or only exist only in digital format.

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Ah so this is where SPAM came from – all the brilliance of failed attempts at effective email marketing. Better read up on email marketing

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I have spent quite a few years in the public relations and marketing fields, working mostly with social media, on-the-ground guerrilla marketing, and events with face-to-face interaction. I recently came into the performance marketing and advertising side of things and am working hard to emerse myself and learn as much as I can. I had no idea how different this side can be. I thought I would share what I am learning and what I find to be articles of interest on this blog as a means to help others who are jumping head first into this industry as I am or provide some info for the seasoned pros to brush up on. Feedback is welcomed – learning goes faster when there is two-way communication! So thanks in advance.